California Wildfires

Our biology class at CLHS examines different biological issues throughout the year. Fall is wildfire season in California. Months without significant rain coupled with seasonal winds, like the Santa Anas of the southern part of our state, make conditions ripe for wildfires. This Fall the class researched and put together this website about California wildfires.

October is traditionally the worst month for wildfires in California. This year October was pretty mild, but November made up for it. The Woolsey fire in the south and Camp fire in the north were two of the most significant fires in years. The Camp fire destroyed over 19,000 structures and has claimed at least 74 lives with hundreds still unaccounted for.

Check out the class website here.

Final Projects

We see professionally produced video every day. Most of us don’t consider all the levels of expertise that go into producing a film project.

Once you come up with an interesting idea, the real work begins. Writing, shot planning, lighting, sound, filming, editing… It’s quite a process for a beginning film student to pull together. Here are some of the final projects produced by the students in our inaugural digital video class. They did some amazing work! Check it out!


This video features some amazing lightsaber effects! We don’t always understand the amount of work that goes into special effects. You’ll notice that not all of the shots featuring lightsabers have the lightsaber effect. Consider that these effects are added frame by frame. At 30 frames per second and two lightsabers in a shot…that’s 60 individual edits that each take a minute or so…for each SECOND of video…when you’re really in the groove.


A great story about the universal struggle for junk food. No students were hurt in the making of this film…the donuts were not so lucky!


Were you properly prepared to see Avengers: Infinity War? If you weren’t, here’s the low down on everything you should review to understand the latest Marvel marvel.


Watch as music phenom group Basa Basa produces promotional shirts for their band…backwards. The retro VHS rewind effect was very time intensive…and impressive!


Have you ever seen a game of Mahjong? Here’s your chance! Note that some segments failed to render properly (red segments)…video is temperamental sometimes! We’ll update the link if we get a cleaned up version.


Graduating senior, Smitty, shares some reflections on himself and his time at CLHS. The video concludes with the hit single, CalLu!

Exploration Projects

Digital video production is a very deep pool. The exploration project gives students the opportunity to explore an area that piques their interest and produce a short video using this area of interest. Students chose projects like green screen, time lapse, inserting special effects, and making light sabers.

The emphasis here was on learning a new skill, not producing a compelling video. Check some of the things the students came up with.


PSA Announcements

We’ve all seen public service announcements on television. The digital video class worked in groups to produce these PSAs for CLHS students. When this video was shot, we were not yet working with external microphones so the sound quality of the narration isn’t what we’d like it to be.

Cutting on Action

Media has made us creatures with short attention spans when it comes to video. If a shot lingers too long, we get bored. For this assignment, student editors shot video of some basketball action from several angles. They then edited it for effect to add interest and momentum.

The variety of the stories that the students tell with the same footage shows the power of the editor.

Watch the complete playlist above, or click the individual links below.

Knock, Knock – Shot | Reverse Shot

We see it all the time in film–a conversation between two characters. The camera switches between one actor and the other. This technique is called shot-reverse shot. For this project, students filmed the telling of a knock-knock joke…a very simple (and corny) conversation.

Students worked in groups to write and film their project. Each of them edited their own version. Enjoy!

Click the playlist below to watch all the videos together, or click the individual links below.

World of Math

When will I ever use this?…exclaims almost every math student at one time or another. When we look at how the world has changed over the centuries, it is clear that learning and applying mathematics has been key to that transformation.

The physics classes of CLHS put together a website to share what they’ve learned about real world applications of mathematics.

Click here to see their work.