World of Math

When will I ever use this?…exclaims almost every math student at one time or another. When we look at how the world has changed over the centuries, it is clear that learning and applying mathematics has been key to that transformation.

The physics classes of CLHS put together a website to share what they’ve learned about real world applications of mathematics.

Click here to see their work.

Colors Project

In this short project, we learned to create a video from still images. We worked with Creative Commons licensed images and each student chose a color to focus on.

Images were to increase in intensity and be of shorter duration to create some tension and interest…and…hopefully leave you wanting more. Each video is to be just 15 seconds long. Check them out, or click the links at the bottom for individual clips.

Individual Projects

Shots Project

One of the first things learned in a film class is the basic shot types. For their first project, the class was to create a short (2 minutes or less) film that featured at least six of the basic shot types.

Working in groups of three or four, they planned and shot a simple story incorporating the shots. Each student selected music and edited their own version.


Click the individual links to see specific videos: