More and more of the information we consume today comes in digital form. We view it on computers, tablets, gaming systems, and phones. Likewise, more and more of the work our students are producing here at California Lutheran High School is in digital form as well. This site is meant to be a place to share what our students have learned and created.

Work appears in reverse chronological order below. To see work from particular courses, click the ‘Categories’ links on the menu at the left…or just click the links below.

Filter Madness

Photo by Iris D.

Photo editing software give us the ability to apply a vast variety of filters to add subtle…and not so subtle adjustments to photos. For this project, students were to take an original photo and apply a variety of filters to their work, and then share five results that tey found interesting.

Click the links below to check out the students’ work:

Let’s Go Crazy!

Composition by Tim C.

While learning our mad Photoshop skills, we just HAVE to exercise our new powers. As the saying goes…”With great power comes great responsibility.” For this project, students took an original photo, then added some elements from other sources to…well, go crazy!

Check out their creations here.

After & Before

Photographers today have great power. If they don’t like an element of a photo, they can remove it…or add something that wasn’t really there. This type of editing is unethical in photojournalism, but happens all the time in portrait photography and advertising. In this project, students were asked to take a photo, and then remove some distracting elements to make it a better photo. In the slideshow above, the AFTER photo comes first…then the original.

If you’d like to take a closer look, check out the online album here.