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Green Seas Awards Show

This is the time of year for award ceremonies. Celebrities walk the red carpet, showing off their designer attire. The media is abuzz over the top candidates for each award.

After viewing the ‘Green Seas’ episode from the BBC series Blue Planet 2, the biology class was divided into groups and tasked with nominating organisms for four different categories:

  • Top Predator
  • Most Valuable Organism
  • Most Unusual Organism
  • Cleverest Creature

Check out the presentation above to see the nominees…and of course…the winners of each category (Click the ‘Full Screen Icon’ to get the full effect. Thankfully, there are no acceptance speeches.

I Saw Chemistry!

Chemistry is indeed everywhere. It is SO much everywhere, that we often don’t notice it. For this project, students were asked to keep their eyes out for chemistry…then take a photo of it with their phones. They were then given the tiny space of one slide to share something about what they learned about the chemistry behind what they observed.

To get the full effect, click the full screen icon from the embedded presentation above. There is a navigation slide at the beginning, and a ‘Home’ button on each slide to help you navigate.

If that doesn’t work for you, click here.

California Wildfires

Our biology class at CLHS examines different biological issues throughout the year. Fall is wildfire season in California. Months without significant rain coupled with seasonal winds, like the Santa Anas of the southern part of our state, make conditions ripe for wildfires. This Fall the class researched and put together this website about California wildfires.

October is traditionally the worst month for wildfires in California. This year October was pretty mild, but November made up for it. The Woolsey fire in the south and Camp fire in the north were two of the most significant fires in years. The Camp fire destroyed over 19,000 structures and has claimed at least 74 lives with hundreds still unaccounted for.

Check out the class website here.

Grasslands of the World

Grass is one of those organisms that we take for granted. Mowing the lawn is not a very popular chore. Yet seeds of grasses like wheat, rice, corn, and barley feed much of the world. The largest herds of animals on continents depend on grasses. Grass is truly a wonder of God’s creation! Working in groups, the biology class of CLHS produced some pages dealing with some of the major grasslands of the world. They were created with Adobe Spark and are very visual.

Click here to check out the website.

The Periodic Table Revealed

The more you understand about the structure of the periodic table, the more you understand about how God chose to assemble everything in the universe from about 90 naturally occurring elements.

The chemistry classes of CLHS put together this website to share what they learned about the periodic table. In addition to what they found, they’ve added lots of images and videos to help you gain a deeper understanding as well. Have fun!

World of Math

When will I ever use this?…exclaims almost every math student at one time or another. When we look at how the world has changed over the centuries, it is clear that learning and applying mathematics has been key to that transformation.

The physics classes of CLHS put together a website to share what they’ve learned about real world applications of mathematics.

Click here to see their work.