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How Erasers Are Made

May 23rd, 2021 by taylorws · 1 Comment · General Science

This video covers the process that is involved with creating erasers. Surprisingly, there are a lot of materials used for the common eraser, including fillers, accelerators, curing agents, oils, coloring, and synthetic rubber. The process of creating an eraser starts with a bunch of rubber being tossed into the center of two heated rollers. Manufactures use previously failed erasers in the new batch to be more efficient. After all of the erasers and rubber melt together, sulfur is added as a curing agent, and accelerators are added to supplement the sulfur, and then they add coloring. Vulcanized vegetable oil, and regular vegetable oil, and calcium carbonate as a filler are added. They are all blended together. The manufacturer then puts the new rubber into a furnace to make it compact. They are then cut out and prepared for the public to use.

I thought the process behind creating erasers was very interesting. I especially like that the people who make the erasers are as efficient as possible and re-use defective erasers. I always appreciate the lack of wasted material.


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  • demeteee

    Its crazy how much goes into making these simple every day objects! I had never wondered what made a eraser but this is interesting.

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