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Vultures: Can They Help Solve Crimes?

May 21st, 2021 by mendozvg · 3 Comments · Biology

This Ted Talk goes over the amazing capabilities of Vultures and the ways they can help humans. Lauren Pharr, who has spent years studying their behavior has finally figured out not only why vultures are able to find dead bodies, but how they do it.

Vultures have extremely strong acid in their stomach that makes it possible for them to digest human and non human bone. That is one of the reasons why their diet consists mainly of the bodies of dead animals. They use this skill and their incredible eyesight and smell to find their prey. Additionally, they are lured by the smell of brain matter and guts which makes them useful in finding victims of blunt force and head trauma.

I found this talk very useful. Vultures could truly speed up the process of finding the bodies of those missing.

Watch the full video here


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  • roycc

    This is so fascinating! I had no idea that Vultures can help solve crimes. From the video I had found that Vultures fly around in circles because of how they are too big to flap their wings and fly.

  • homanra

    I think that this is amazing. I didn’t know that we could use vultures to find dead bodies. I found out that turkey vultures are one of the only birds that have a sense of smell.

  • nialex

    That’s a great idea! Maybe we should let the police officer to try do that way. It might work better than any technology right now. I guarantee that will help them to get the crimainal.

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